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I am simply a lover of all kinds of music. Very eclectic in my tastes. I am a damn Yankee stuck in the South. Originally from Northern NY (Malone, NY) now living in Georgia (Sugar Hill, GA). I just wanted a place to congregate all this great music and rambling thoughts.. Stumbled upon Tumblr, so thought this would be as good a place as ever. I hope you enjoy the music as much as I do.


P.S. A bit of advise! Remember, it is ALWAYS better being a smart ass, than a dumb ass! Oh ya, GO ORANGE!
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Diggin’ my Amazon delivery today. @jackie_Greene @SGSFOX @joan_Osborne @triggerhippynet @tombukovac #NickGovrik

Old time!

Dig it!

Another day, another doctor’s office.


Dressed himself for school pics today. Got laughed at by other kids for wearing the tie and vest. He’s SEVEN. I say my kid wins over the others for at least having imagination and not wanting to be a sheep/follower like others. I love you for being so different, buddy. Teach your kids to embrace the weird. The same people you laugh at when you are in school end up in your iTunes library one day (Gaga, Michael Jackson and more) 👊 *mic drop

Dig it!

1 year ago

Just Garth and his guitar.

Trisha Yearwood homecoming


Not bad seats..

People love them some Garth.