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I am simply a lover of all kinds of music. Very eclectic in my tastes. I am a damn Yankee stuck in the South. Originally from Northern NY (Malone, NY) now living in Georgia (Sugar Hill, GA). I just wanted a place to congregate all this great music and rambling thoughts.. Stumbled upon Tumblr, so thought this would be as good a place as ever. I hope you enjoy the music as much as I do.


P.S. A bit of advise! Remember, it is ALWAYS better being a smart ass, than a dumb ass! Oh ya, GO ORANGE!
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Side view. #otto #orangenation

Ready for The Cuse! #BeatNova

Had to take my wife to the doctor’s. ¬†She told them I was leaving tomorrow. ¬†The said if I left, the would put her in the hospital. ¬†She is too weak to be by herself. ¬†I am really bummin’, but her welfare comes first. ¬†Sucks, as I was going to ride over 1200 miles with some friends and get to see Mr. 4E again, but there will be other rides and other gigs. ¬†

Oh well..

Have I told you I only have 2 more days of work this week? ¬†Heading out with 3 buddies on our bikes on Friday.. First stop? ¬†Roanoake, VA to see Mr. 4E play with his new band. ¬†Then shot over to the Atlantic for a couple nights at the beach, and then home on Monday. ¬†Took Tuesday off to recouperate. ¬†Can’t wait!

The Adirondacks

When I say New York, this is what I mean..

The Adirondacks from Devon Ford on Vimeo.

Shot over 3 days in the Adirondack Park, in and around my hometown of Saranac Lake, NY.

Shot with DJI F550 w/ Gopro Hero 3. All shots and editing by Devon Ford -

Not sure what it is, but it is purty!

Ride to work

Got my T-shirt. I’m in! @eliomotors

Time to get some riding in before the rain drops

It’s been a while. Super busy. Have had renovations going on at the house. Tons of stress, mess and money.

Just got fitted for a tux last night. I am going to be best man in my buddy’s wedding. It is in Oct. In Florida.

For his bachelor party, he wanted to do a multi-day motorcycle ride. So, he, I and two other friends are heading out on Friday, Aug 29th. First night stop? Roanoke, VA to see the one and only Mr. 4E play. Can’t wait. Then maybe a stop in Columbia, SC for an SEC football game between South Carolina vs Texas A&M for night two and then a ride to the beach for night 3. Maybe Hilton Head or Charleston. Looking forward to it.

Congrats to Jen on her new house purchase. Go look at the video I posted on Facebook called Fuck this House. Funny and how you will feel in a few years. :-)

Howdy to Zumba woman, Kari. Hope all is well. Maybe you two need to make a road trip to Virginia at the end of the month.

That’s about it. Just wanted to say HI!