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I am simply a lover of all kinds of music. Very eclectic in my tastes. I am a damn Yankee stuck in the South. Originally from Northern NY (Malone, NY) now living in Georgia (Sugar Hill, GA). I just wanted a place to congregate all this great music and rambling thoughts.. Stumbled upon Tumblr, so thought this would be as good a place as ever. I hope you enjoy the music as much as I do.


P.S. A bit of advise! Remember, it is ALWAYS better being a smart ass, than a dumb ass! Oh ya, GO ORANGE!
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Happy Labor Day! @BobMouldMusic and I, in between takes at Pax Am.

Dig it!  Did you know that Bob is originally from my hometown?  He is one awesome artist!  Just discovered his music within the last couple years and his book is great!

Side view. #otto #orangenation

Ready for The Cuse! #BeatNova

Had to take my wife to the doctor’s.  She told them I was leaving tomorrow.  The said if I left, the would put her in the hospital.  She is too weak to be by herself.  I am really bummin’, but her welfare comes first.  Sucks, as I was going to ride over 1200 miles with some friends and get to see Mr. 4E again, but there will be other rides and other gigs.  

Oh well..

Have I told you I only have 2 more days of work this week?  Heading out with 3 buddies on our bikes on Friday.. First stop?  Roanoake, VA to see Mr. 4E play with his new band.  Then shot over to the Atlantic for a couple nights at the beach, and then home on Monday.  Took Tuesday off to recouperate.  Can’t wait!

The Adirondacks

When I say New York, this is what I mean..

The Adirondacks from Devon Ford on Vimeo.

Shot over 3 days in the Adirondack Park, in and around my hometown of Saranac Lake, NY.

Shot with DJI F550 w/ Gopro Hero 3. All shots and editing by Devon Ford -

Not sure what it is, but it is purty!

Ride to work

Got my T-shirt. I’m in! @eliomotors

Time to get some riding in before the rain drops